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Family Dentistry IGMA - make your teeth healthy and beautiful
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How we can help
Tooth health
If the tooth is destroyed or missing
So that the teeth do not hurt

Beauty of teeth
Make the teeth even, level the bite
Restore tooth shape
Make the teeth white
Our doctors
Горбаченко Ольга Николаевна
Горбаченко Ольга Николаевна
Главный врач
Резниченко Дмитрий Витальевич
Резниченко Дмитрий Витальевич
Хирург - стоматолог
Криволапова Алина Сергеевна
Криволапова Алина Сергеевна
Забава Дарья Геннадьевна
Забава Дарья Геннадьевна
стоматолог-терапевт, детский стоматолог
Ходем Ариана Ашукуллаевна
Ходем Ариана Ашукуллаевна
Полторак Оксана Николаевна
Полторак Оксана Николаевна
Врач стоматолог- терапевт-ортопед
Ибрагимов Роман Ахмедович
Ибрагимов Роман Ахмедович
Хирург-стоматолог, имплантолог
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Welcome to the “Dentistry IGMA”!

If you dream of healthy teeth and attractive smile our dentistry is the right place to address to.

"Stomatologiya IGMA" provides its clients with complex high quality dental services. Only highly qualified dentists work here.

"Stomatologiya IGMA" is a dentistry with a spotless reputation. We guarantee professional approach, safety and high quality of services to all our patients. Dental services are provided with a use of modern equipment and up-to-date technologies of diagnostics, treatment and prevention. You can have following services here: 

  • Consultations made by proficient dentists;
  • All kinds of dental treatment, including tooth filling, restoration, endodontia, pulpitis and periodontitis treatment;
  • Modern dental prosthetics: clasp and microclasp dental prosthesis; 
  • thermoplastic prosthesis; 
  • removable denture;
  • Dental implantation, full arch restoration;
  • Dental surgery;
  • Orthodontics, including braces;
  • Paedodontics: milk teeth care and extraction, modern preventive methods;
  • Gum care and disease prevention;
  • Hygienic and aesthetic stomatology: scaling, dental bleaching, ornamentation.

Similar services are provided by a number of dentistries, but ours has the following advantage over them: 

  • Good location in easy to get to prestigious area.
  • Early registration.
  • Special offers for the corporate customers.
  • Special prices on family and pediatric dentistry.
  • Different discounts.
  • Professional approach, safety and high quality of services to all our patients.
  • Maximal attention to every patient.
  • Individual treatment planning.

tomatologiya IGMA accepts different kinds of payment. We also cooperate with insurance companies so patients with insurance policies are always welcome.

Let your smile be always charming!